Thursday, January 31, 2008

Such a good design

I know that there will be more that follow, that have the same features and probably better but you have to admit that the Asus Eee Pc is such a good design. It is and will always be recognised as the first sub $500 dollar PC available worldwide. A machine for the masses. The machine that made the 1:1 dream a possibility for all. Not just cheap but clever. Not just an inbuilt webcam for skype but one that acts as a camera and video recorder, igoogle, gmail, openoffice applications that open/save microsoft office documents and a form factor envied by it's over $3,000 cousins. Now that's clever. Well my class thought so today when they were given their very cute, new devices. We'd (ICT Department not really me) spent the best part of the day upgrading the wireless access point to ensure they were all connected to the internet, thinking that this would be the first thing that we would use but no! The webcam caught their attention first. Within seconds we had girls checking their hair and boys pulling faces at themselves. Seizing the moment we showed them how to save an image and within seconds they were cropping and tweaking their pictures in one of the many Paint programs available. I told you it was clever. Thanks for the help guys. I promise we'll use the internet tomorrow.

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