Sunday, February 3, 2008

Now that's me conectd

Well after quite a few weeks of reading forums and trying to remember the linux command line I have managed to connect the Asus eeepc to the web using my 3G Sony Ericsson p990 phone ,ooh yes! People will probably think, what's the big deal when you can connect using wireless, Ethernet or just plug it straight into your broadband router. I could have waited for the in built 3G card that Asus have promised or I could have purchased one of the linux compatible 3Gmodems that some forums have suggested work with the eeepc. But that would have been the easy way and I just don't do easy. I wanted to use my phone because that's where my data plan is and I have used it successfully with Windoze. I didn't want to have to get another device and another data plan, when I could just keep things simple. I still can't take the smile of my face when I saw it first connect and I am blogging using the connection now. I feel even more pleased as there are very few people around the world who have done it as well (at this point you are probably thinking that there is only a few people who would want to do it as the other options are more main stream), but it just goes to prove that it can be done and I feel it is the ultimate in being conectd and still mobile. It just rocks!

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