Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ewan McIntosh

I was at a great course yesterday by Ewan McIntosh. Unfortunately I had to leave early to finish my last Learning Conference. Sorry about that Ewan. Fortunately my work mates were there and they told me about Ewan's challenge to us at the end of the course - To blog about something that will take up 100hrs of your time, apart from teaching.

Well that ones easy for me, I've just signed up for my first marathon (Auckland-31st October 2010). That's at the most 10 weeks away and doesn't give me a long time to train. Oh well better not to think too much about it and just get on with the training. Given I'll need to do a good 750k's training at an estimated 6 to 8 mins a k that's a good 100hrs on my feet. There done it.

But what's even harder for me is to start blogging again. Ironically by last blog was posted one year previously, on the exact date of my 1st half marathon (Huntley half- 23rd May 2010). Which means I haven't blogged for nearly 15 months. I suppose you could say I've got better things to do. Which brings me to my point, blogging takes time, a lot of time, especially if you're like me, hate writing and prefer to be doing. So what's the point and why do Educators insist students and their teachers blog. The obvious benefits of reflecting on your own practice and learning goes without saying. But what's wrong with personal internal reflection? I know what you are saying, it's about sharing and I have lots to share but who want's to listen? that's what I need to know? because if no ones going to listen then why should I bother wasting my time?