Friday, January 25, 2008

If you were me for the day

Earlier this month Cool Cat Teacher Blogger, Vicki A Davis set a request out to newbie bloggers to suggest a blog title and message they would like to post if they were fortunate enough to be her for the day. I thought this might be a bit of a chance to get a bit of promotion for our conectd blog and maybe a reader or two seen as we don't have any subscribers yet. So I suggested that Vicki did a post about 'his n her' bloggers, as a follow up to one that was doing the rounds in the blogosphere a month or so a go about female bloggers.

Of course I suggested she started with Mark and I and the conectd blog and maybe added a few more others that she knew about. I thought she could look at the rational behind why they has individuals started to blog then why they decided to blog together. I thought it would be interesting to see whether she thought the concept actually worked or whether she believed blogging to be a purely individual pursuit.

Personally my rational behind blogging is to inform others. With the impending arrival of my class set of EEe PC's I think that it is important for me to keep a weblog of their integration into my classroom programme as a reference for those that follow me. Predominately the target audience will be the teachers within my school but I believe that the blog will also have appeal to a wider audience as I don't intend to get too bogged down with the technology (i.e Linux based EEe PC system) but talk more about pedagogical issues such as web2:0, social networking and other school 2 topics.

Mark's rational is also to inform others but his angle will be looking at the mobile phone and how this can be integrated first into your personal lives then the classroom setting.

It is inevitable that both these 1:1 and mobile technologies will become main stream in the classroom within the foreseeable future so the blog also acts as a sounding board for both of us to express our opinions on these matters and to keep an eye to the future.

I hope she likes the conectd approach and can see why we think you need to be conectd both in your personal and professional lives.

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