Monday, January 14, 2008

The Impact of being Conectd

After just over a year of having the mobile phone and being conectd where ever I want to be (and of course there is cell connection), I thought it was time to reflect on the impact. I feel that being able to use google reader anywhere, anytime (see that as 6.30am which is when I am at my most receptive) I have seen my educational professional development really mature and now have a clear vision. Having a world of useful (and sometimes useless) information in your pocket is fantastic and surprises some of the children I teach. Especially when you show them that you can see their profiles on the social websites (such as beebo etc) right there on your phone. I will be looking at this in later posts. It also made me think are you conectd sat at a wireless hotspot with your laptop? Me I don't think so.

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