Monday, January 28, 2008

Mobile Media Content

Two great things have happened over the weekend:-

1) the mobile youtube site ( now has the full catalogue of videos available. Up to now you had a very limited selection. This is going to be a fantastic resource for my teaching and of course personally when you just want to watch that certain Little Britain clip again.

2) I managed to find away round getting Sky Mobile TV on my p990. It's kind of a long story, but here's the short version. I have a Vodafone branded 3G phone which is all you need according to Vodafone New Zealand advertising. Well it's not true and I have told them this and received the usual "nice, but giving excuses" email from them. Anyway the lowdown is you actually need a Vodafone Live compatible 3G Phone. So anyway I thought I would give it a try again and searched for it on the Mobile Live site. I found a link to the Sky Mobile TV E channel and realised that from the URL I could find the other channels. Bingo, I subscribed and was watching live cricket on my mobile. Go India, you just can't back the Aussies when your a Kiwi!

Anyway, this brings up, what I feel is key to the uptake of the Mobile Internet, the dreaded Data charges. Now you don't get charged for the Sky Mobile TV data (just a $2.50/week subscription), but you do for youtube. At least you get a warning before you download any videos, but believe me my data plan is going to get hammered this month.

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