Sunday, February 3, 2008


It was easy today to use the Asus's inbuilt Firefox browser to connect to our school's CMS (Course Management System) 'Moodle'. The big Web button under the Internet tab makes it childs play. I still like to call Moodle a CMS (original name) even if people do think I'm talking about a (Content Management System) because well technically I am. Having added a content management block to the front end of Moodle we have a great multipurpose school portal that acts as our website too. Besides I hate that term LMS (Learning Management System) it just makes people associate Moodle with the likes of Blackboard and WebCT and it has so much more to offer than that. I spent this morning using one of Moodle's web2 features a 'wiki' to plan my lessons for the week. The idea is that the class will be able to click on the lessons for the day and follow the programme independently, (tasks, learning intentions, resources etc), making the whole learning experience more transparent. Let's use Moodle to manage the courses and let the students manage their own learning I say.

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