Monday, February 4, 2008


We uploaded the pictures we took with the Asus's inbuilt webcam to our personal profiles on Elgg today. Elgg is our schools 'private' social networking system which uses LDAP. This authentication protocol allows our students and teachers to have the same password for Moodle and Elgg (a god send really when you think we are talking about primary school students.
I took the opportunity to give the big cybersafety talk before we logged on. Good job really because about a 1/3rd of the class were already on bebo and making friends with anyone who contacted them. Unfortunately I didn't have access to the great Ad Councils Cyberbullying-Talent Show video as it had been removed by youtube, apparently due to 'terms of use violation', but I managed to find it later on teachertube, Having to improvise I don't think I got the message across as good as the video but I think the kids got the message 'if you wouldn't say it in person - don't say it on line'. I chose not to show the 'think before you post video' as I thought it might be too mature for my year 7 students but having later seen a site picture posted by one of my girls I think I need to go back and readdress this.

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