Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lesson 5

Lesson 5 - Patience is a Virtue

Connecting all students to the internet at home will take longer than expected.

I'm still waiting for two of my students to gain internet access. While it wasn't too bad at the beginning of term (I kind of expected this and didn't plan much internet based work) I'm getting a bit frustrated now. It's starting to effect the work I can do in class as a consequence of the follow up activities I am able to give for homework.

While the majority of students will have access to the internet via the home PC. You really don't want to rely on this because it means they are competing for time on the computer with their parents and older siblings. And we all know whose going to win there. Plus it means a lot of messing about transferring files, webcam pictures and sounds from the classmate to the PC and back again. Trust me I've been there you won't believe the incompatibility errors you'll get. Not to mention the fact that students will revert to using familiar Microsoft options again instead of taking on the challenge of OpenOffice and web2 programs. And we can't be having that can we?

So it's imperative to check that not only can all students connect to the internet at home on their classmate but also to note who doesn't have access to the internet at home at all, as this will effect your ability to use moodle/elgg and other web2 programs for homework activities.

In theory computers should connect seamlessly but if not parents first port of call should be their internet provider. If that does not work a quick call to Andrew (the Technician) at school may resolve the issue. If not Andrew will be available some nights to help parents through the connecting process (but this will cost).

So remember it pays to check but be patient.

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