Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lesson 3

Lesson 3 - Everyone is an Individual

Students will want to customize their computers.

In fact it is probably a necessity that some students (boys in particular) are allowed to personalise their devise (screen savers/music etc) as it gives them more ownership of their learning.

There are no reasons to be concerned about this. As mentioned earlier Dave has imaged the machines so that all programs are on the c-drive and student data is stored on the d-drive. Which means, if students mess up their machines the c-drive can be reimaged and students won't lose their work, if they store their work on the d-drive that is (or in the clouds of course).

Which means students are fine to put their music on the machines -as long as it's all legal that is. When they run out of room and their machines start to perform slowly, they'll just have to wipe it off again. Personally I can't teach while music is playing in the background but as long as the students have their own headphones I don't mind them listening to music while they're working. Everyone to their own learning style.

As for down loading games though that's an issue for the students and parents to work out. If parents allow students to down load games(at home)and students make the wrong choices during lesson times, as a teacher you have the right to remove the program. That goes for making the right choices with music too.

Like I said every ones an individual - let the students customize their computers and take control of their own learning but if it doesn't fit in with your teaching style you don't have to allow it.

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