Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lesson 4

Lesson 4 - Accidents Happen.

It's so easy to lose or break a computer so take care.

Because the netbook is so small, it fits nicely in a bag/desk and it's easy to forget about it. It soon becomes just another tool for students to use when they need it, just like a calculator or pen. This is exactly what you want but students often forget that they have them in their bags. Often leaving their bags in the changing room or outside the classroom with the obvious risk of them getting stolen. However the less obvious risk of them getting knocked or kicked while in the bag is more of an issue. To this point I'd advise students to take care.

I know the machines are fully insured but do you really want the inconvenience of been without your computer and having to make a claim. Plus at the end of the day whose fault is it anyway when your screen is smashed because you, left it in your bag, on the floor and someone fell over it?

Don't get too complacent with your new tool, that you forget to look after it properly.

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