Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Will I or won't I buy an Iphone?

Well the wait is nearly over. Vodafone have said the Iphone will be available from NZD199 on a two year contract. The details will be available from 10am today. I've been really satisfied with my P990 for the last 18 months until the jog dial broke. If the Iphone had not been upgraded to 3G I would have gone for a N95. I know the Iphone doesn't have everything, such as PXT (who cares it's a dying technology), video calling (another gimick technology which needs both parties in 3G coverage and kills your battery) and blue tooth headphone support to name a few. But, for me it's the browser that sells it for me. As you know I love opera mini ( which mimics the Iphone Safari browser) and the one web approach. That combined with the applications and upgrades that the Apple store provides is the turning .point. I now have to see if I can get one on Friday, which if you believe all the hype could be more difficult than expected. Mines a 16Gb black one please Vodafone! If I'm successful I will be back blogging on a regular basis giving you the warts and all view on the Iphone and it's potential for educational use.

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