Thursday, July 10, 2008

The answer is NO!

Vodafone have just demonstrated that they have a monopoly on the iphone in this country. There has been an uproar on the pricing they have applied. The $199 deal involves shelling out $250 a month. I won't go into the details as they are available at Read them and weep, they are amongst the worst in the world. But there are plenty of forums that you can go to for a taste of what we think. What it comes down to is hype and I got caught in it. When you actually look at it without the rose tinted glasses, it is a phone with an ipod attached with a great browser. I'm going to wait until Christmas and see what the new N96 is like and then see if I still want one. Vodafone knew they had limited numbers of iphones and could easily sell them, but to me they missed a great opportunity to kick start mobile data and browsing use in this country (as it did in the US) and instead wanted to further line the pockets of it's UK investors and executives. I just can't ever forgive them for that!

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