Monday, March 24, 2008

Movie making options on the Asus Eee PC

These are the web2 and localised movie making options that I've investigated and presently selected to use on my class set of Asus Eee PC's unless the class start to bring their own mobiles to school that is.

Asus Eee PC in built web cam and microphone to record.
zamzar (web2) and winff (localised) to convert .ogg to .mpg
jumpcut (web2) and Kino (localised) video editors plus audacity (localised) to manipulate sound.

While my long term goal is just to use web based and pre installed software on the Asus our internet bandwidth is not sufficient at the moment for us to rely on web2 applications and the Eee PC does not presently come with a pre installed video editor so icon buttons have been made for the localised programs and a script is been written to install them onto the classes computers.

All programs talk nicely to each other (after a web cam update and universal firefox uploader installation) and give students uploading and embedding options in Elgg (our eportfolio/private social networking site)

Kino is a very basic video editor but will suffice short term and for some reason unknown to me the Asus won't upload any file to animoto or eyespot (even after installing the firefox universal uploader) so it's back to good old jumpcut and oh yes that Yahoo ID login problem.

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daddy said...

i am also very interested in making simple cuts on the eee pc from the flip cam as a location scout and storyboarding aid.

i am mostly familiar with avid and fcp nle systems and find the imovie type interface of most of the linux programs out there to be time consuming and confusing.

i have been using cinelerra but with little success. it's interface is counter-intuitive and each of the export (render) codecs i've tried have given me buggy video without audio.

quality means very little to me as these are rough drafts, but speed is very important.

has anyone made any progress with a fast dirty solution?